• The Trend of Children Wear Industry

The Trend of Children Wear Industry

In recent years, the scale of children wear consumption expands unceasingly in our country, and maintains a high growth rate. According to data from Euromonitor, the scale of China children wear market in 2015 had reached 137.2 billion, with growth rate of 8%. As the second-child policy introduced and consumption upgrading, the scale of the market is expected to exceed 150 billion by 2017. Under the background of the sluggish demand, especially in the context of the adult clothing market grows slowly, men and woman wear become saturated, the rapid growth of the children wear market is particularly prominent. Children garment industry development has become a new growth area. The following is the trend analysis for China children wear industry in 2016: 

Industry concentration is expected to increase, the advantages of China professional brand is obvious.
2015 market share in China's top ten children's wear brand shared only 11% of the sum, which far below the 52% in France, Britain, the United States and other developed countries, even less than half that the neighboring South Korea 39%, Japan 26%. This situation brings various children wear brand opportunity. Children wear brand according to enter path can be divided into professional children wear brand and adults wear extensive brand. At the same time, according to the sources of brand, it can be divided into domestic brands and foreign brands. In 2015, the market share of the top 20 children wear brand in China's share was 15.2%. Among these children wear brand at home and abroad, domestic professional children wear brand accounts for absolute advantage. The share combined accounted for 62% of all top 20 brands, and the share is growing. 

Four development trend of children wear industry in the future 
First, the younger parents of 80s or 90s have gradually become the main body of children wear consumption, which promote children wear consumption tend to the brand. 

Second, with the development of mobile Internet, children wear electric business exist huge space for development. The offline channels of first-tier cities market have become saturated and it will gradually turn to those more developed cities of second, third and forth-class. 

Third, children wear brand will develop in the direction of differentiation. At the same time, the babies and infants clothing share the growth of the two-child policy first. In recent years, their sales growth is far higher than children wear.

Fourth, due to a high coincidence of children wear, stationery, amusement park, cartoon peripheral, educational and other consumer groups, the development of brand children wear enterprises moving to children all industry is one of the future development trend of children wear enterprise. 

The Trend of Children Wear Industry