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How to dress boys in summer?

  • Aug Sat, 2018
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When the toastiest summer comes, children's fashionable clothes would be put aside. In summer, boys should wear fresh and simple clothes instead of clothes with charming but complex accessories. T...

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How to match boys' shorts in summer?

  • Jun Thu, 2018
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It is a sure thing to bring your children to go on summer vacation. This is when we need to test your taste in clothes. If your children dress very well, the pictures will look great. Today MZ Garmen...

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In the hot summer, you may want to go to the beach with your family members, and the swimwear is a necessity if you have a plan of going swimming. When you go the shopping malls to buy the swimwear, h...

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From Bikinis to Burkinis (Part One)

  • Aug Tue, 2017
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The swimsuit, an object that can not be separated from feminism, underwent a process of being changed from the complex and to the simple in the past century, and has obtained its boom again in th...

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From Bikinis to Burkinis (Part Two)

  • Aug Fri, 2017
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The Australian swimmer called Annette Kellermann was the first person to wear a one piece swimsuit. She was then arrested and charged with "indecent exposure in public places." But then...

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Now there are many types of kids swimwear on the market, which makes parents confused sometimes when they need to pick up the suitable swimwear for their kids. Here, we introduce the pros and cons of ...

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The History of Kids Wear

  • Jun Fri, 2017
  • Hits: 113

As a commercial activity, the kids wear industry was a sign of the twentieth century. The kids were dressed like miniature adults during a long period of time in the...

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How to Choose Swimwear

  • May Thu, 2017
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Choose suitable swimwear and display your perfect figure. Ladies with fair skin are suitable for black, navy or other colorful swimwear. Ladies with dark skin would better wear the whit...

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How to Choose Kids Wear in Summer

  • May Wed, 2017
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Babies have delicate skin and the melanophore in their skin used to block the ultraviolet light is not mature enough, so they would better not wear too revealing clothes exposed to the sunli...

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