• Different Exercise Bras Have Different Functional Effects

Different Exercise Bras Have Different Functional Effects.

Exercise bra is no longer unusual items at home. It has different types and structure design. Its functional effects are also different. To differentiate roughly, it can be divided into simple type, pressure type, fixed type, sealed type and complex structured. The first two are not suitable for busty people, and the function effect of simple type is the worst. Sealed exercise bras are generally separately packaged to support two breasts, and to protect them in the process of doing horizontal, vertical, or circular motion. exercise bra with composite structure may have steel bracket. But this kind of classification is rather general, and does not include all types. Let's look at the popular exercise bra style and structure specifically and carefully, shoulder straps, cups, hem width bands are several major aspects.

A lot of  styles and structures of exercise bra
Shoulder Strap 
Shoulder strap seems insignificant, in fact, it is important. Various design, adjustable or not, even width, are affecting the use effect of exercise bra. 

A.Wide Shoulder Strap 
Wide exercise bra straps have good supportive function. They can be worn up more easily than spaghetti straps. Shoulders are not easy to injury, stability is also better. 

B. Spaghetti Strap
Sometimes spaghetti straps are more beautiful, but the pressure is very big to shoulder and may be harmful for people's health. Thus, when choosing exercise bra, people should choose some wide straps as possible. 

Spaghetti straps with low intensity 
C. Removable Strap
Removable Straps can be worn up flexibly. The straps can be change often; also their shape can be changed, such as crossing on the back to make the shoulder strap not easy to slide. But as sports equipment, such a exercise bra, the technology of it is relatively strict. If not sure, people can choose exercise bra whose design is fixed straps. Shoulder belt buckle of it is not easy to fall off, and it is more secure. Now, there are some good products have considered shoulder belt hook problem and have improved the design. This made the removable straps work better.

D. Adjustable Shoulder Strap 
Adjustable shoulder straps are very flexible and convenient. It has adjustable button, so as to adjust the elastic to match the comfort at any time. This kind of straps makes the exercise bra more comfortable. People should pay attention to the shoulder belt's stability, if the adjustable button is too loose, shoulder straps will be hard to fixed, every once in a while shoulder straps will become longer, looser, therefore, the stability will become worse. 

E. Average Fixed Shoulder strap
This is a more common kind of bra straps layout, advantage is agility, ventilation, but for sports, shoulder force will be large, so the joint is not designed to take pressure by vertical and horizontal direction, but the back is U. In this way, straps can spread the shoulder force. If the design is not very well, straps are also at risk of slipping.

F.V Font Design in the Back 
Compared with normal shoulder belt, this kind of design can effectively prevent straps sliding, but force will concentrate on the joint. 

G.H-shaped(Y-shaped /T-shaped) Back Design
This is more common design of the exercise bra, Racer - back, the design of exercise bra has good stability and strong supportive function. Shoulder straps are not easy to shift or slide.

H-shaped(Y-shaped /T-shaped) Back Design
H. Crossed Back Straps 
The benefits of this design are that bearing force of the shoulders can be evenly dispersed and shoulder straps are not easy to fall off. 

I. The Partial Hollow out the Back Design 
Whether it is a central H-shaped, at the bottom of the hollow out, or other hollow out design, can enhance the permeability. 

J. Combination Shoulder Strap Design 
This kind of design can promote the support of exercise bra, high stability, but attention should be paid to permeability, such as two shoulder straps, the back-cover add crossed shoulder straps and so on.

exercise bra cup is different from ordinary bra, almost close to the whole cup, even there is 1/2 cup, and it is not recommended. If protective function has declined, exercise bras have little significance. Of course, exercise bra cups have different design. 

A.Seamless Type
A molding bra has no seams and fit body. It will not feel abrupt if match with tight clothing. It takes more consideration to the human body, wearing comfortable, not easy to scratch the skin. But many seamless bras are proved not very well. Supportive function is very poor, especially when doing sports, can not support completely. This is a sign of one sector. But now there are a lot of exercise bras only have seamless cups, therefore, it performs the advantage of seamless well, and will not affect the supportive function. 

B. Removable Cup
Some inserts of exercise bra cups are detachable. It’s convenient to replace inserts and clean the bra. There are some advantages, for example, this will be convenient to adjust the chest position, and people can match inserts by themselves. Reminder to note the material of inserts, if it absorbs water, people will be in trouble when sweating during doing exercise.

C. Double-layer Cup 
Double-layer cup give strong support to people, but people should pay attention to permeability of this kind of bra, and whether the structural design is reasonable or not. It should not affect breathing too much when doing sports. 

D. Cup with Steel Bracket
In order to avoid injuring in the greatest degree, most of the exercise bras have no bracket. But some exercise bras are equipped with different material steel so as to strengthen the supporting force, but how to make steel supporting exploit the advantages fully rather than "lead to trouble"? It’s time to test design capability again.

The cup design of exercise bra is very important
E. Cup With Unique Structural Design  
Compared with ordinary exercise bra, this kind of cup makes more ergonomic considerations structurally, effectively limits displacement. But everyone’s chest type is different, if the design is not for you, it could be counterproductive after putting on. So it seems considerate, in fact, it may has many limitations. 

Hem Width Band 
Hem width band is also an important factor for exercise bra suffer from stress. Their size need to fit, should not be too loose or too close. Hook design can also affect the way people wear. 

A.No buckles 
In order to make the whole movement process more comfortable, part of the exercise bra have no buckle design, because if the buckles design is not good enough, it may make people produces strange feeling. Even worse, it may also harm the skin and spine. 

B. Rear buckle 
Exercise bras with rear buckles are also common. When wearing, people can freely choose the degree of tightness. It’s easy to adjust. Hook amount, material quantity and structural design will affect the using effect. 

C. Front Buckles
Front buckles make dressing and changing clothes very convenient, but the design should not let the chest discomfort and affect movement. Which position is safer? Front or behind? This is owing to the different products. All the design should be considered as a whole, whatever position, the safety should be ensured. It is a good product. 

The Material of exercise bra
The front, back, insert and lining of a lot of products are different in material. Fixed position also is not necessarily a single component. These are not complicated.

Pay attention to the exercise bra material 

Then, let's sum up, common materials exercise bras are following: 

Polyester (polyester fiber): Scientific name, polyester fiber, a kind of synthetic fiber. Its advantages are high strength, good elasticity, excellent abrasion resistance, not easy to rub off, anti-wrinkle, quick-drying. Its disadvantages are that the material moisture absorption is not good, hot and airtight, smooth surface. It’s easy to produce static friction and easy to gather dust. 

Spandex (Polyurethane fiber): spandex, scientific name, polyurethane fiber, the biggest characteristic of this material is good elastic, and sweat resistance, abrasion resistance, poor hygroscopicity. Generally, it isn’t used alone. 

Polyamide (nylon): Scientific name, polyamide, a kind of synthetic fiber. Its biggest advantage is good abrasion resistance, and the other is high strength; Defects are airtight, relatively weighted fabrics and poor conformality. 

Polyester fiber: renewable polyester developed by using waste recycles. Some indicators may fall, but they possess the high content of science and technology innovation, and the price is relatively cheap. The most important thing is that it’s environmentally friendly, so is listed as a sign of fashion.

Cotton: a kind of common clothing materials. Its characteristics are easy to absorb moisture, breathable, easy to corrugate, poor conformality. Although cotton cloth has a mile nature to skin, if there is no special means of science and technology, exercise bra can’t be produced by using a lot of cotton, because this kind of material is more absorbent .It will be very trouble if people sweat a lot and not let it out in time. 

Coolmax: Coolmax is characterized by quick drying, moisture removal, conformality. Ordinary chemical fiber dry quickly because of poor hydrophilicity, while Coolmax is easy to absorb moisture and easy to sweat. 

Leica: LYCRA made of spandex fiber fabrics. Its properties are more excellent than traditional spandex, ductility and restoring force are stronger. 

Strength of Exercise Bra 
In order to meet needs of different consumers, in addition to the classification design and function, exercise bra also has the classification of the intensity. The higher the intensity, the more consideration will be taken into on structure design and material, such as the bearing, heat dissipation and so on. exercise bra can be roughly divided into three grades: high, medium and low strength. 

Different intensity ofexercise bra 
Low Intensity Exercise Bra 
The requirements of bearing of this type of exercise bra are not very high. Therefore, they need not very closed in the structural design of the cups and straps (including back design), a cooler appearance can appear here. 

Moderate Intensity Exercise Bra 
This kind of exercise bra matches the woman who has big chest or matches higher intensity sports. In general, aerobics and cycling sports belong to moderate intensity exercise. Such exercise bra needs enough support and materials standards to ensure that the comfortable and safe exercise. 

High Intensity Exercise Bra 
This kind of exercise bra provides stronger support to match the high intensity exercise and those women who has big chest. In general, running, riding, volleyball, basketball and other sports belong to high intensity exercise. This kind of exercise bra needs high degree of support. As for technologies, such as moisture removal and heat dissipation, it needs more severe test.

Strenuous exercise needs high strength exercise bra