• How to Choose Appropriate Swimwear for Children

How to Choose Appropriate Swimwear for Children

On a scorching summer day, swimming is the best water amusement sports. Childhood is the most important period in people’s life, children grow rapidly in this period. Parents can take their babies out to play with water in this golden age, which is of great benefit to the child's physical and mental development. Water has a magical effect, it not only delays the hot in the heat summer temporarily, soothe baby's mood, get rid of the torture of the heat. But also make children smarter, make children’ heart stronger, enhance immunity, improve the children’ vital capacity and so on. Thus, children need a suitable swimwear. How to select appropriate swimwear for children, people can choose from the following aspects
1. Style 
People can choose relatively appropriate style for children according to ages.
a. One-piece children swimwear: it can protect the baby's navel well, lest the baby catch cold in the process of playing with water. One-piece swimwear is the choice that many mothers chose after considering various factors. 
b.Separate children swimwear: It’s convenient for babies wear and take off and go to the toilet. Due to some of the younger children is unable to control the urgency, it is suggested that these kinds of children should buy clothing separate children swimwear. Also, this style is varied, have more design element, so it is the choice of a lot of baby to pursue beauty. 
c. A children bikini: a fleshy baby who wears bikinis has a cuddly feeling that totally different from young bikini. It exposes children’ belly button and shows the cute aspect of babies. But it’s more susceptible to catch a cold. It is suggested that young children don't choose it as possible, the health of babies is the first thing that mothers should take into consider. 

2. Size 
Fitness is the most important factor for swimwear. It’s better to choose fit swimwear for baby, too tight or too loose all impede the beneficial effects of exercise. When choosing the swimwear, parents can test the elasticity of swimwear by stretching the swimwear many times. If it return to the same as original shape, it indicates that the swimwear is elastic, at the same time, it feels soft and smooth, and then, that is the high quality swimwear. 
Try not to choose a bigger size swimwear for your child, swimwear is different from ordinary children' clothes. It is related to functional movement after launching water. The bigger size swimwear not only not close to wear, bad-looking, but also it is more likely to appear exceptional loose because of the buoyancy of water. So people should choose fit  swimwear for children, although become a little taller or a little fatter, children can still feel snug because of the elastic material. 

It is better to choose bright color swimwear for children. Bright color fabric should be the preferred one, usually children themselves like this kind of colorful clothes. Research shows that it’s safer to wear colorful swimwear or swimming circle on the beach, because once the accident happened, they are more likely to be found and rescued, orange, yellow is preferred. At the same time, it’s convenient for parents to pay attention to whether babies are doing dangerous activities. It can reduce security risks. 

4. Fabrics 
Baby's skin is very delicate, so mothers must choose a soft-touch and qualified swimwear. Therefore, it won’t generate irritation and allergies to baby, etc. Parents are responsible for their children' health. 
a. Children that from 7 years old to puberty around have the obvious gender consciousness. People should avoid choosing too tight swimwear for boys, Girls’ swimwear should be paid special attention to whether the crotch is too wide or too narrow, too wide will make girls uncomfortable, too narrow will make girls exposed. And they had better add half layer lining in front of chest, lest appear bust curve after launching. 

b. A lot of people do not pay attention to swimwear hygiene. New swimwear must be washed before wearing. The fiber webs of swimwear is very dense, often exists a large number of bacteria, such as dysentery bacillus, influenza virus, chlamydia trachomatis, purulent skin diseases, etc. And these bacteria frequently multiply with the increasing of humidity. Therefore, people should note swimwear hygiene and clean it immediately after using. 
In addition, people should bring their own swimwear, do not borrow or rent, do not lend your swimwear to others, otherwise it’s easy to get infectious diseases.