• How to Choose Kids Wear in Summer

How to Choose Kids Wear in Summer

Babies have delicate skin and the melanophore in their skin used to block the ultraviolet light is not mature enough, so they would better not wear too revealing clothes exposed to the sunlight. When going out, if such revealing kids wear were dressed for a long time, it may make babies' skin tanned and make them have sunburn. Thus, the babies' skin will become rough, red and swelling. It may even make babies have painful skin and skin diseases such as light allergy. 

In addition, if babies wear tight clothes too early, their vital capacity and breast development will be influenced, especially by clothes made of acrylic fibers and polyester. The babies' skin is very delicate and when choosing clothes, it is better to choose the clothes made of soft cotton or linsey-woolsey with good absorption and breathability. The stitches of clothes also can not be too hard. It is good that the babies' underclothes are made of cotton and flannelette and made of gauze and thin cloth in summer.

Chemical fibers such as nylon have poor breathability and absorption. They are not only uncomfortable for wearing but also will stimulate babies' skin, causing allergy and skin diseases. In addition, babies have poor self-care abilities and they have not cultivated any health habits yet. They are easy to make clothes dirty not only by the nasal mucus, food, urine and excrement, but also by touching everywhere. Therefore, we also need to consider if the clothes are easy to clean when choosing clothes.

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