• How to Choose Swimwear

How to Choose Swimwear

Choose suitable swimwear and display your perfect figure.
Ladies with fair skin are suitable for black, navy or other colorful swimwear.
Ladies with dark skin would better wear the white or fluorescent swimwear.
Skinny ladies should choose the swimwear with bright colors or isolated patterns, which will make them looked buxom. 
If you want to make your body looked slim you can choose swimwear with dark colors and floral patterns.
Ladies with narrow shoulder are suitable for swimwear with round collars or boat necks.
Ladies with board shoulder are suitable for belted asymmetric one shoulder swimwear or off-shoulder swimwear.
Ladies with thick waist would better choose swimwear of which the two waist sides and middle part have relative colorimetric design.
Ladies with long waist are suitable for two-piece swimwear and the swimwear bottom should be designed with high waist.
Ladies with big breast would better choose one-piece swimwear with dark colors, floral patterns, simple designs and natural styles. The low-cut swimwear and swimwear with too many decorations on the chest should be avoided.
Ladies with big hip would better choose the swimwear which have patterns mainly focusing on the tops and bottoms with plain color and simple design, which can divert people's attention from hip. You can use the bottoms with plain colors to coordinate with tops with plain colors or floral patterns or use panties and underskirts to cover the wide hip.
Ladies with short legs are suitable for high fork swimwear, which produces an illusion that the ladies' legs become long, as high fork cut makes legs looked long.
Chesty ladies are suitable for flower printed swimwear.
Ladies with flat breast are suitable for swimwear with pleated or flounced tops and colorful styles.
Petite ladies are suitable for bikinis, which make them looked slender.
Ladies with straight waist are suitable for cross striped or two-tone swimwear.
Ladies with big belly are suitable for one-piece swimwear with diagonal style which creates flat visual effects of bellies. The one piece swimwear with high waist bottoms or the short blouse tops can divert people's attention from bellies.
Ladies with thick thighs are suitable for swimwear with geometric patterns which can distract attention from legs and the short swim skirts can produce better modification effect. 
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