• Three Kinds of Clothing Fashion Trend in 2016

Three Kinds of Clothing Fashion Trend in 2016

Fashion come and go, for the constant changing, and therefore leads to different style, shows totally different trend in different season. 

In terms of the 2016 fashion trends, It can be divided into three types: source, temptation, supernatural. 2016 fashion trends let dress create the line of the wearer in a better way, and excavate the wild beauty of nature. To create a low-profile costly environmental protection idea with scrupulous cut, high-end technique processing and chic design, and reflects a sense of social responsibility. These tends will pay attention to exchange ideas, recreate super simple graphics, make especial beauty and reveal easy vigor. 

The First Popular Elements: artificial nature 

After post processing, design combines the nature scenery, animals and plants elements creating a feminine sense of ink, having surreal senses.
The Second Popular Element: the depth of the ocean 

Deep blue ocean brings inspiration to clothing, household and fashionable products.

The Third Popular Elements: plain wood 
In the design respect, in terms of women' clothing, a suit jacket is more popular this year , there are short style and long style, as for collar shape, with and without collar is given priority to, the lapel collar design point focus on the part of below the back waist line and on the sleeve type. To highlight the female's waist-hip differential and curve, usually make back hem case become warped, decorate with folding handle and lace. Whereas use leg of lamb in the sleeve type sleeve and small-bubble sleeve to show the female's grace.

Another popular style this year is the chiffon skirt. The main design points are lying in the length of the sleeves and the position of the waist line. The design of the waist line locating under the chest high waist lengthen women’ legs proportion, building the lovely sense of princess; While waist line that below the waist most gather at the waist, building recreational feeling. As for collar type, v-type collar and square collar are given priority to. On the design, rich and colorful, including floral, and impressionistic flowers, also have a small dot geometric patterns, etc.

In color respect, regardless of men' wear or women' clothing, there were more bright colors this year. In the first place the popular color of the spring, autumn and summer of 2016 is green. Color is gradient, tie-dye, dyeing and printing effects, the way of color match lasted complementary color and multi-color. 

Under different condition, there are a lot of green, dark green, light green. Inspiration comes from fruits, daily appliance around or way of life, using blue as the complementary color. Another kind of color is watermelon red, inspired by fruit elements, too. In addition, in spring, autumn and summer period, there will be a small amount of sapphire, although sapphire is relatively eye-catching´╝îbut it can match with other colors, such as, blue, green, red bean can do contrast color collocation, this is the  more popular collocation method in recent years. 
Color gradient and tie-dye effect, the inspiration of them also come from natural flowers. These dye printings and dyeing, deriving from nature, can be realized through a lot of skill. There is a kind of clothing that stripe add gradient also being very comfortable to wear, the style can be long or short. Men’ clothing also can bring a little color mixture effect, the contour tend to loose. Grey color will be popular, for spring and fall season, gray can match with a lot of color. Through different shades of gray, will be widespread applied by many brand in next season or spring and winter. Besides, it can do different contrast colors processing on gray and orange and blue. Gray can continue to fall and winter, because gray match with a lot of color will be very good-looking, but also has a lot of time feeling. Color collocation applies the concept of color contrast, recently, whether accessories, shoes or bags have contrast color collocation. Their area can be equal or different sizes, but all of them have a lot of time feeling. 

In terms of fabric, knitting fabric emphasizes nature and comfort in spring and fall in 2016, pays equal attention to functional and ecosystem. Spring and fall’s T-shirt fabric material basically has the following categories: silk cotton for soft comfortable breathe freely for anti-wrinkle, excellent gloss still is the main material of high-end business casual brand T-shirt; Pure cotton products has joint public for their soft and comfortable and the fabric style, and it’s suitable for young leisure brand; Cotton polyester products has become the preferred of sports leisure brand, for its functionality, such as, moisture absorption perspiration, anti-ultraviolet radiation and antibacterial performance; Recycling materials has become the darling of the clothing brand in the circumstance of consumer’s pursuit of environmental protection, low carbon environment. Many sports brand at home and abroad have begun large scale application of such materials. At the same time, through the survey, various-component fiber fabrics’ share is gradually expanding in the T-shirt market, for its performance of complementary ability. The attractive spot of clothing designs in spring and fall in 2016 is through the dual tone printing, dyeing, scraping the color, pigment printing, digital printing, bleaching, washing process to gain large abstract, vague printing plant design, special wash faded, acid and natural transition boundary, stain in the style of design organization printing effect. Imitator’s decorative fabric, such as printing or jacquard carpet, wallpaper or tapestries of plant design, complex geometric patterns decorative architectural style, elegant design, get rich artistic design, etc. And bring some feminine visual perception. In addition, light, transparent or translucent, elegant, cascading effects, cocoon quality, texture and thin fabric is also performed very well in 2016. It highlights crease, grinding surface effect from classic plaid wool, from high cotton poplin, twill and satin to denim fabric, to build a kind of ancient mystery and trace. The fabric with fancy yarn is given priority to ultra-fine corduroy and nylon, matching with light color or camouflage pattern of structure deformation give priority to the color that stresses sweet, weird and ghosts, can reflect a colorful childhood fantasy of neutral. In terms of fabric texture, they mainly highlight chiffon, satin, silk cotton, etc.