• Why Is Kids Wear So Expensive?

Why Is Kids Wear So Expensive?

Why is kids wear so expensive? It is believed by many people that kids wear is supposed to be much cheaper than the adults wear. Actually, the costs of kids wear are not lower than those of adults wear. Before we talk about the above question today, let talk about another question first, and that is why is some kids wear so cheap? You can even buy kids wear with ten yuan from the online shops in China. 

The prices of kids wear are related to several points. 
1. The first point is the fabric. Some kids wear may not be made of high quality fabrics, which may make kids uncomfortable when they wear the kids wear since most kids wear will have the direct contact with kids' skins. 

2. The second point is whether the kids wear will shrink or not. If the kids wear shrinks in the wash, it means that the kids wear did not have the garment wash treatment. 

3. The third point is the detail. The kids wear with the trim cutting, stitching, etc. usually has high quality. 

4. The fourth point is the apparel technology. Let take the printing of kids wear for example. The pigment used for printing may be the raw materials, but it may also be the wasted materials, which are reused with the combination with other remaining pigment. This is the reason for the unclear printing on some kids wear.

5. The last point is the manual work. The kids wear manufactured in the large-scale factories is very different from that in the small workshops.

Now, let us talk about the question why is the kids wear so expensive. Many people think that kids wear should be much cheaper than the adults wear. Actually, it is the misunderstanding of the kids wear's prices and the adults wear's prices. Although the kids wear is made of fewer fabrics, the requirements on the details of the kids wear are much higher than those on the adults wear. Besides, it is more difficult to manufacture the kids wear than adults wear since kids wear is much smaller, and the dealing with details is much more complex. Thus, although the kids wear is made of fewer fabrics, it will not affect the overall costs of the kids wear if all the costs in other aspects are included. Last but not least, the design of the kids wear, the operation of the kids wear company, the establishment of the kids wear brand as well as the packing of the kids wear also cost a large sum of money.