• Shopping Tips for the Customer Buying Diaper Pants

Shopping Tips for the Customer Buying Diaper Pants

While noticing the appearance of the diaper, also there is a need to pay attention to its internal performance.


1. Appropriate size
Parents should select comfortable and appropriate diapers for children according to the size of the baby. When buying diapers, they should strictly note size specification outside of the box, since the size of the diapers may be different because of different factories. It’s better to ensure that the baby after wearing diapers, can be free to move, and his legs and waist can stretch and bend freely instead of being bound by the diaper. Lest the diaper limits the activities of baby's lower body or causes skin abrasions. 

2. Targeted leak-proof design 
The new diaper is likely to leak sideways due to overmuch baby's urine, which in turn will make clean clothes become dirty and finally will cause the baby's uncomfortable. Targeted leak-proof diapers has the design of continuous falbala in the waist and inner thighs, they fold each other, as a result, the area of diaper increases, effectively avoiding excessive amount of leaking. 

3. Excellent fixed performance
The fixed performance in both sides of the diaper should be excellent. The glue can fix diaper well, and diaper can be paste again after tearing it. Make sure it won’t shift side away or fall off when the movement range is relatively bigger. 

Needless to say, appearance is very important, internal performance also should be considered.
1. Soft, natural and skin-care 
Due to the baby's skin is thin and tender, especially the outermost part of the skin is very thin, collagen in the skin very little, so it's easy to hurt. If there is a friction, the baby’s skin is more easily damaged. Besides, the immune organs, immune cells and immune molecules are not mature, thus immunity is weak. Therefore, if use diapers improperly, the baby’s skin would be stimulated, in serious case, may cause allergies and other symptoms. In all, the surface cladding layer with direct contact to skin must be fit and soft. Don't choose rough and stimulating diapers, because they will cause damage to the baby's skin. People often regard aloe as a natural medicine for beauty and skin care, some businesses will put aloe ingredient in the surface layer of diapers, this way also can protect the baby's skin. 

2. Good water absorbability
Substance and energy in the baby body renews naturally and very quickly, but the baby’s bladder is small, so the baby pees frequently. If change the diaper not timely, the baby’s hip will have moisture and protective layer will be damaged and destructed, then, the outermost part of the skin may occur the symptom such as inflammation, triggering diaper rash. 

So, it’s advisable to buy the diaper which has strong absorption ability so that urine or feces can be absorbed fast. Its surface has a square super absorber to gather urine in the middle, lest leakage and diaper rash. 

3. Strong permeability 
Though babies’ pores and sweat glands are very small, they need sweat much. Therefore, after excretion, if moisture and heat can't get rid of, with the surrounding temperature rising, it also will cause skin problems, such as heat rash and diaper dermatitis. Parents hereby should select diapers with PE film as base fabric, which has good heat sealability, moisture resistance and small moisture permeability. This kind of diapers are not only soft but also comfortable, making babies’ skin dry and comfortable.