• Some Shopping Tips for Kids Wear

Some Shopping Tips for Kids Wear

There are some shopping tips for kids wear in terms of fabric, design, print and color.

1. Fabric

Whether girls wear or boys clothing, in terms of the fabric choice, there are some point need to be paid attention, especially in the comfort, limpness, lightweight, tear resistance, bear washing, etc. Recently, kids wear develop towards leisure, asking for more moisture wicking, breathable, less stimulating soft fabrics. And cotton clothing with its advantages of comfortable, moisture wicking, is good for children’ physical and mental health, becoming the primary fabrics of children wear. Then, hemp, silk, wool and other natural material also are pretty good materials for children clothing.

Girls wear design should be given priority to elegant appearance, comfort and health, and should be in line with children’ psychological characteristics and aesthetic consciousness. When choosing clothes for child, parents should consider the factors, such as age and preference. It is advisable to appropriately solicit opinions of the children, so as to know kids’ aesthetic point of view. When necessary, parents should give correct guidance to develop children' taste in clothes start from childhood. 

Children skin is more tender, which can not be exposed to the sunshine for a long time, especially cannot be under the strong ultraviolet ray. After the weather turned hot, kids skin is more likely be harmed by strong ultraviolet ray if children are given clothing with too much exposure. At the same time, it’s unfavorable to let children wear straitjacket, especially some acrylic, polyester corsetry. This kind of fabric cannot breathe freely and absorb sweat easily, children are prone to rash if wear this. Straitjacket will also affect the healthy development of children. 

Princess dress: it is the everlasting mainstream choice of girl, which shows pure temperament. The girl who dress princess skirt can leaves a cuddly impression. 

Cake type skirt: both sundress and skirt, cute and full of vogue, for girls of all ages. 

Dress: it is the most versatile, can be a ladylike, can be sweet, also can be leisure, even one piece of dress matching with different accessories, such as headdress flower, hand bag, children shoes, children socks, etc., can present different effects. 

For more boyish, more lively and active girl, pants outfit is indispensable. Loose pants are better. It’s not only sunny, but also free to move. 

3. Color and pattern 
First, according to different physique and skin color, the girl with dark color skin should select bright and high purity clothing, for colorful wear is eye-catching and refreshing. The girl who has bright color skin is suitable for a wide range of color, such as pink, yellow, red, etc. And she will be lively and beautiful. If she put on a gray or black garment, she will be delicate and elegant. 

While paying attention to the color matched with skin, whether the color is suitable for physique also is important. If there is a chubby child, cool or dark color clothing is a better choice, which can play a role of the shrinkage on the vision, make up for the physical defects of children, also can enhance their self-confidence; For the relatively thin children, putting on warm and light color clothes can give people a feeling of warm, also will be full on the vision. 

Choosing different color garment In different season: selecting quietly elegant dress in summer seems to be more clean and relaxed, of course, if children wear red, orange clothes in summer, there is also a very lively, warm effect. While in winter, clothes should be given priority to warm colors. In spring and autumn, optional collocation can be taken depending on kids’ preference . 

For more naughty children, dark or stain-resistant garment is selectable, which can make the mother save a lot of energy. In terms of the design of print, according to different age levels, there are different choices. For example, young children aged 2 to 10, the lovely, active and childish printed garment can be selected. While a child aged 10 to 16 can undertake choosing according to his preference. For instance, tartan design is relatively suitable for various ages.

Some Shopping Tips for Kids Wear