• The History of Kids Wear

The History of Kids Wear

As a commercial activity, the kids wear industry was a sign of the twentieth century. The kids were dressed like miniature adults during a long period of time in the past. It can be seen from the portraits of Renaissance or the American colony that the styles of the kids' clothes were the same as those of adults' clothes and their clothes usually include low collar clothes, panniers and breeches.
In the end of the 19th century, kids wear finally began to be different from adults' clothes. Kids began to wear uniforms. For example, all the little girls wore brown clothes, dark high cut lace shoes, midi dresses and dark socks.
Some of the kids' clothes were made a little bit larger to catch up with the kids' growth and some others were sewed so solidly that these clothes can be passed to the younger kids. Many kids' clothes were handmade or by a small number of manufacturers, which can only provide the kids' clothes with very limited styles. Since there was almost no development of kids wear industry, the single style problem of kids' clothes seemed to be unimportant and no children dared to refuse to wear clothes their parents let them wear.
Although there were some designers have specialized in the study of high-priced kids' clothes in the early 20th Century, the new style kids' clothes did not begin to be commercially produced and sold until the World War I. The development of the kids wear industry just followed that of women's clothing industry. When women had no time to make their own clothes, they also have no time to sew the kids' clothes.
Another reason for the development of the kids wear industry was that kids wear manufacturers found that the kids' clothes were made more solid by the factories than those made by the households. The development of fasteners, zippers and the more durable sewing methods all played very important roles in the development of the kids wear industry. After the World War I, when the manufacturers began to standardize the sizes of kids' clothes, the development of kids clothes moved a big step forward again. At the very beginning, the sizes of kids' clothes were very simple, but with the emergence of a lot of types and subdivision, a size system with complete classification finally formed.
At present, a new market, the online market has appeared in China's kids wear market, which is the manifestation mode of e-commerce playing a significant role in the traditional industry. As the world's first integrated industry business information collection platform, gathering the sales information, the supply information as well as the agent investment information of products in various industries, the online market has the abilities to serve the dealers, agents, buyers at the same time.

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