• The Method of Making Utility Floating Swimwear

The Method of Making Utility Floating Swimwear

When swimming, in order to float on the water with less effort, people generally carry a life buoy or wear a life jacket. But the life buoy limits movements of arms. It is less likely to move easily in the water and prone to slip, roll over and leak. Especially for children and those people who can't swim, even if they have a life buoy, safety can’t be ensured. The main purpose of the existing life jacket is to save life in the water. It makes the person's head and shoulder completely exposed above the water, to ensure safety. With no expectation, it is difficult for people to move freely in the water, also has the problem of gas leakage. The Portable buoyancy bathing suit is made of lightweight foam material. With rigid lightweight foam hanging in front of the chest and back, although with no leakage, it is still not comfortable and beautiful, hindering the activities of the body in the water, also inconvenient to carry. 

At present, common swimwear only play a role as a costume, won't produce buoyancy, can't save Labor, also is not easy for children and those people who can't swim do activities freely and safely in the water. 

The purpose of the utility floating swimwear is providing a safe swimwear that can create buoyancy. It’s secure and comfortable to wear, not easy to slip, without affecting the activity of the body and arms. Its size can be adjusted. A little air leakage can still keep enough buoyancy, won’t leak all at once.

To achieve the above purpose, the utility swimwear set a series of mutually disconnected small airbags on the chest and the back. Each airbags has an intake valve and vent valve. Inlet valve is a one-way valve, intake only, can't breathe. All inlets of intake valves of small airbags lead to an inlet. There is a one-way intake valve on an intake airbag as a inlet for filling air. Vent valve is set on the close-fitting side, which can prevent external hanging off the plug. The front and back parts are connected by an airbag straps, and airbag straps are connected into the airbags that on the front and rear part. So, front and back airbags are combined with straps airbags. The total intake valve can also be located in shoulder belt. Elastic items are used to connect both sides of swimsuit. There is a crotch strap at the bottom of the swimsuit, for easy to wear and avoid the swimwear move up and down. 

Because the utility swimwear has multiple disconnected small airbags, it can produce enough buoyancy in the water. When a small airbag breaks up, only the air in small airbags and the airbag which intake air will leak out, because one-way airbags cannot recover air and other small airbags is isolated from the broken airbags. So it still can keep air-filled condition. The air of small airbags will not be back to leak into the air. After filling a swimsuit, people can also open the small air vent valve to release the air and to adjust the size of buoyancy. The swimwear meets the demand of buoyancy under different conditions. There are shoulder straps to fix up and down and elastic bands to fix both sides. It is secure to wear.

Due to the utility structured by airbags. It is still soft and close-fitting after aeration, making people move freely and comfortably in the water. It is safe and energy-save. The buoyancy keeps head and chest upward. Leakage has little impact on its buoyancy. Children and non-swimmer can move easily and safety in the water. 

The Method of Making Utility Floating Swimwear