• The Origin of Muslim swimwear

The Origin of Muslim swimwear

A suit of 'Burqini' consists of two piece of swimsuit. The coat attached to a hat covers the neck and head and long sleeves protect women's arm. There are long and short types of coat. Long coat can cover the knee, and short coat only cover the thigh. Trousers are ankle-length trunks. Wrapped so tightly and airless, People must have thought about the Muslim wear. In fact, originally, burqini is specially designed for Muslim women to participate in swimming. Such a design can be seen as the close-fitting version of usual Muslim women wear. It not only abides by the provisions of the religious, protecting skin from exposing, but also can make the Muslim women stretch freely in the movement, being free from wearing robe. 

The designer of this conservative swimwear is Zanetti, 38 years old. She is Lebanese Australian. Once, she said, she saw the Muslim women wear long robe in the play. She thought that it's trying for sports enthusiast can't enjoy sport because of the robe, so she had the idea of designing a swim suit for Muslim women. Now the swimsuit contains high technical content. The swimsuit adopts material of excellent performance, with characters of high elasticity, resistance to chlorine bleaching, light weight, low resistance, non-absorbent. In addition, the swimsuit also have ultraviolet-proof function, SPF can reach to more than 50. Wearing the burqini, Muslim women can finally enjoy sunshine beach and dance with fish. Those Muslim women growing up by the gold coast, will no longer be depressed for unable to experience beach culture. 

Despite burqini is designed on the basis of respecting the religious beliefs of Muslim women, while its advent is criticized by many people. A Muslim leaved a message on the Internet, "this is not respect to Allah, because the closest and elastic clothes can still expose female curves." There are Muslims believe that the design has the properties of anti-muslim. The designer Zanetti also has been dubbed the "terrorists" in the network world. More seriously, Zanetti has been threatened by death. And in addition to the Muslim, international feminist dispute burqini. An international feminist observers think that once women wear the full-coverage swimsuit, is equal to "do not identify themselves as a whole person". 

However, criticism did not stop people loving burqini. Although each set of Muslim wear prices above $90, not cheap, Zanetti received so many orders of burqini within a short period of time. These orders are through the network, across the continents, from Malaysia, South Africa, Mexico, Ireland, the United States and other corners of the world. The orders is not limited from the Muslim women, conservative Christian, cancer patients, burned patients and the elderly, all have a fondness for new swimsuit. 

For example, in America, a 69 - year - old woman who likes to go to the seaside bought a burqini, because she was treated with drugs for a long time. Her skin is very sensitive to sunlight. And in order to be able to swim in the sea in the middle of the night, her daughter also bought one. Catherine, now aged 59. She is overweight because of the treatment of multiple sclerosis, the fat body didn't allow her to wear a beautiful swimsuit. In order to be able to swim again, she prepared a set of burqini. If there is no such a design, she says, I would have never been able to dance with a dolphin. 

Meanwhile, Zanetti also encourages non-Muslim women discarded bikini and put on burqini. Those people who like coast all love to be close contact with sunshine. Burqini has the function of sun block. While letting people enjoy sunshine beach, it protects the body from ultraviolet ray and very strong sunlight, so it kill two birds with one stone. 

It is plain to see that the advent of burqini, not only caters to the conservative rules and thoughts, but also make those people who unable to enjoy life, due to special reasons, find joy again. And unexpectedly, burqini is also helpful for Muslim women doing work. 

In 1997, Anne Cole has invented a navel-length coat of swimsuit, favored by a lot of women those have a belly. Anne said: "A woman should choose her own and comfortable swimsuit." This idea is coincided with Zanetti's design. Now, whether conservative or faddish women, their wardrobe has begun to make room for burqini. Just like Zanetti said, whether it is for Muslims or not, women have began to choose comfortable swimwear and this is the "true freedom". 

The Origin of Muslim swimwear