• There Are Four Common Fabrics of Yoga Garment

There Are Four Common Fabrics of Yoga Garment

At present, yoga wear styles on the market are more and more diversified, texture, type, style, color, style each have different patterns, so how to choose yoga suit, how to choose suitable yoga suit that for you? When it comes to yoga clothing material, there are four types: polyester emulation silk, polyester wool-like fabric, polyester linen-like fabric and polyester suede fabric. 

Darcron is an important variety of synthetic fiber, and the trade name in China is darcron.It uses pure terephthalic acid (PTA) and dimethyl terephthalate (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG) as raw material, through esterification and ester exchange and polycondensation reaction of fiber forming polymer, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the spinning and post-processing?made?fibers. 

The darcron is versatile. A large number of them are used in manufacturing of apparel fabrics and industrial products. Polyester has very good setting performance. After setting performance, generating flat, fluffy form or pleat, polyester yarn or fabric can be washed for many times in service, can still be enduring. 

Darcron has more categories. Besides woven pure polyester fabrics, there are many and various kinds of textile fibre blended or mixed products, make up for the deficiencies of pure polyester fabric, play the better performance. At present, the polyester fabric is toward the direction of natural synthetic fibers, such as wool-like, imitation silk, imitation hemp, imitation suede. 

1. Polyester emulation silk fabric: it is polyester fabric with silk appearance style that woven by circular, profiled polyester filament and short fiber yarn, having the advantages of low cost, anti-wrinkle wash and wear, quite popular among consumers. Common varieties are: polyester silk, polyester silk crepe, polyester satin, polyester georgette, polyester woven fabrics, etc. The elegance of these varieties have the silk fabric drape, smooth, soft, feast for the eyes, at the same time, and have characters of polyester fabric crisp, wear-resisting, easy to wash, wash and wear, only?one?deficiency is that this kind of fabric has poor wet absorption, not very cool for wearing. In order to overcome this shortcoming, now there are more new polyester fabrics, such as effective moisture absorption polyester fabric is one of them.(Now a lot of this kind of new functional fabrics are applied to sports, outdoor, fitness clothing manufacturing, yoga clothing uses the new fabric fiber and Lycra?fiber.) 

2. Polyester wool-like fabric: it is the fabric woven by polyester filament yarn, such as polyester stretch yarn, polyester network or various profiled polyester yarns as raw materials, or with mid-length type polyester staple fiber and viscose, with wool style. Respectively called worsted wool-like fabric and long wool-like fabric, the price is lower than the same kind of wool fabric products. It has characteristics: the feel of wool plump the bulk and resilient, strong and enduring, washable quick-drying, smooth crisp, not easy to deform, fuzz and pill. Common varieties are: polyester play serge, polyester gabardine, polyester elastic coating, silk spinning wool fabric, middle-long adhered darcron network suiting, polyester, acrylic and so on. 

3. Polyester linen-like fabric: it is one of popular clothing among current international clothing market, using polyester or polyester/viscose strong twist yarn woven plain or ribbed fabric, with dry and comfortable handle and appearance style of linen fabric. Such as the thin imitation linen MOLIK, not only look sturdy and feels dry, and wearing comfortable, cool, Therefore, it’s skirt garment production that very suitable for summer. 

4. Polyester micro suede fabric: it’s one of the new type polyester fabrics, uses fine denier and superfine darcron as raw materials, through special processing, close and short nap polyester fabric suede fabric is formed on the base fabric, known as the suede fabric. In general, with non-woven fabric, the machine weaving, needle weaving as the base cloth. It is characterized by the quality of a material soft, fluffy feel fine plump and elastic, smooth and durable style. Common varieties are these 3 kinds: man-made senior deerskin, artificial high-quality deerskin and ordinary deerskin. Is fit to be female clothes, high-grade dress, jacket, suit jacket, etc. 

The fabric of yoga garment 
Viscose fabrics yoga is the most common yoga garment on the market at present, for its price and comfort is the best match. Of course, the fabrics of bamboo fiber material, is really good, but is a little expensive, because it is pure natural green products. Since people just wear when practicing yoga, if it can satisfy various requirements when people practice yoga, that's a really good yoga clothes, in terms of price, the viscose material is really comfortable, and the price is moderate, 100 to 200 or so.

The comfort level of yoga garment
The length of yoga garment should be guaranteed. It is better not to expose belly button. If expose so important navel outside, bearing air conditioning (even natural wind), for those people who pay attention to health care, is bad. It is recommended that everyone, no matter your coat is longer, or trousers head a little higher, be sure to cover the abdomen navel. Lumbar abdomen cannot tie waist, had better to choose pants that have elastic band, length and tightness can be adjusted. Senior yoga practitioners should practice reversing, it’s better to choose leh-action yoga garment.

Breathable and sweat function of yoga garment
Yoga games will sweat a lot, that's why we choose yoga to detox and lose fat. And choose fabrics with good sex of sweat, can help sweat discharge, make the skin avoid from eroding by toxic substances contained in the sweat; Breathable fabric, when sweating,  the garment will not close to the skin and reduce discomfort.

Gentle hint
When choosing yoga garment, it’s important to let your body without the outward bound, stretch freely, can bring you calm and relax.