• Three Commonly Seen Materials of Kids Swimwear

Three Commonly Seen Materials of Kids Swimwear

Now there are many types of kids swimwear on the market, which makes parents confused sometimes when they need to pick up the suitable swimwear for their kids. Here, we introduce the pros and cons of the commonly seen swimsuits' materials and give some suggestions for parents to select kids swimwear.
Swimsuits made of 18% spandex are good choices. It is not recommended to buy a large number of swimsuits made of polyesters. There are high requirements on the elasticity of one piece swimsuits' fabrics. If they have poor elasticity, kids will feel tied when they are swimming.
The best swimsuits' material is spandex. The swimsuit can be recognized as a good swimsuit if its spandex content is over 15% and it is better if the spandex content is over 18%, because it represents that this swimsuit has very good elasticity, and kids will be easy to stretch with the moving of their body. When swimsuits are selected, attention should also be paid to the fabrics' adaptability to the molecular chlorine content in water. Currently, the swimsuits which are the most popular swimsuits in the world are made of the three-dimensional stretch fabric and are suitable for swimming in the low temperature water since this kind of fabric is hollow and easy to maintain the body temperature.
Nylon fabric is the most frequently used material of the mid-range swimsuits. It is the fabric obtained through the blending or interweaving polyamide filament and short fiber and thus have the characteristics and strengths of both kinds of fiber. The advantage of nylon fabric is tough and durable, and its drawback is poor elasticity and wet strength as well as easy to wrinkle and fall when people wear clothes made of nylon fabric. Swimsuits made of nylon fabric are medium-priced swimsuits. Compared with the swimsuits made of spandex fabric, nylon fabric swimsuits have worse flexibility but very good toughness. Because of the low cost, nylon fabric is the most commonly used swimsuits' fabric now.
The swimsuits made of polyester fabric have small elasticity, and thus kids' bodies will be easy to be restricted. Polyester fabric is usually the material of the small tankinis and is not ideal material for one piece swimsuits. This material is rarely used on its own, and is often used in conjunction with spandex and nylon.

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