• Choose swimsuit on the basis of body shape

Choose swimsuit on the basis of body shape

Here are some tips to help you choose suitable swimsuits:

1.Plump breasts: one-piece swimsuit

Usually, female who has plump breasts would feel uncomfortable, because they are afraid of wardrobe malfunction. One-piece swimsuit would lengthen body proportion and decrease the chance of wardrobe malfunction. Stripe patterns are  figure flattering; it makes body proportion looks more symmetry.

2. Flat breasts: lacy swimsuit

Female with flat breast should wear lacy swimsuit if she wants her breast to look more chesty. A sense of third dimension helps chest look more full.

3.Shorty and slim: shads bikini

Actually, bikini in shorty would highlight the beauty of figures. Shads would be better. Bright colors and exaggerated patterns would make your body shape looks like well-developed but it fails in slender.

4. Thick waist: two tone swimsuit

The first thing is color not style. Reasonable color match would help you looks more thinner. A swimsuit with different colors or patterns would be perfect, it can effectively highlight the contours of the waist and delicate figures.

5.Thick legs: high slit swimsuit

Try high slit swimsuit if you have thick legs. Although it would expose all your legs , but it also make your legs slender in visual.

6. Plump hips: skirt swimsuit

If you have plump hips, you should try a skirt swimsuit with exaggerate pattern on top. Because those pattern can divert others’ attention, however, skirt can hide plump hips.