• Fabric Knowledge of Swimsuit

Fabric knowledge of swimsuit

Here are some knowledge of swimsuit fabric:

1. Fabric classification:

Lycra, nylon and polyester fiber are the most common materials for swimsuits. Any special materials of hollow and jacquard can’t be independent from elastic characteristics of above three materials. Most of latest swimsuits have been special treated with uvioresistant, antichlorine and water repellent.

The characteristics of different materials

1. Lycra is a kind of spandex with best flexibility. It’s suit for blending with various fibers. Lycra contains antichlorine components has advantage of crease-resist; and has longer service life than normal materials.

2. Compared with lycra, nylon is lack of solid texture; but it has the same elastic flexibility. It’s the most common materials for swimsuit and applied to medium priced products.

3. Polyester fiber is one-way elastic fabric. It’s mainly used for swimming trunks or two piece swimsuit because it has limited elastic force.

3. Lining and accessories

The design principle of swimsuit is based on the idea of comfortable and fitting. Usually, lining is made by nylon. It won’t affect customers’ comfort because they have the same elasticity. So when it comes to accessories, elasticity is an absolutely necessary. 

Following the trends, those nonelastic accessories should be put on places that won’t affect the elasticity of swimsuit during design process. By doing this well, accessories would improve the whole effect.